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Masha Bashmakova is a Montreal-based theatre artist from Russia and the UAE, navigating the ways in which creative expression serves as a deep and necessary language in expressing interpersonal and social-political challenges, conflicts, and empathies. Her current practice spans visual and performing arts, with a specific focus in performance, theatre directing, and interdisciplinary creation.

In the Spring of 2020, Masha graduated from Concordia University’s BFA Performance Creation program and has since been working in Tiotia:ke/ Montreal,  developing her acting practice and working on independent creation projects. She has worked with Talisman Theatre, Teesri Duniya Theatre, Mainline Theatre, Theatre Tableau d'Hote,  and Infinitheatre.

Greatly inspired by devised theatre and non-linear storytelling, over the last few years, Masha has been performed with RANT Theatre, a participatory social-intervention performance form, Young Hearts Theatre, an emerging TYA company, and various hybrid live/digital projects. 

Outside of her practice as a theatre artist, Masha has a background working as an educator in environments ranging from classrooms to university courses, and is trained as a visual artist and classical pianist (Trinity College London Advanced Performance Diploma with Distinction).

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Please contact for CV and resume. 

For inquiries about acting work, please contact

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